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Management Services

Maintenance & Repairs

Your repair worries are a thing of the past. We employ Contractors and Handy Men that specifically work the properties we manage. Availability is around the clock if an emergency arises.

Financial Management

Our accounting department keeps a current record of your account and is reviewed monthly and includes:

· Full screening and credit checks of potential residents
· Prompt, computerized mailing of rental checks to you
· Monthly statements
· Year-end statements and prepared tax forms

Careful Inspections

At the end of each lease, your property is thoroughly inspected, and any undo wear and tear to utilities, carpets, furniture or fixtures will be deducted from the residents escrowed security deposit.

And Don’t Forget Sales

If and when the time comes when you are in the market to acquire another condo or perhaps a single family home, we have proven that we bring more buyers to the table than anyone else in our area. It is to your advantage to list a property for sale with us, or use our strong search capabilities to find you the best property to purchase.

Complimentary Review

We offer a complimentary review for those who would like to consider our services. After all, each property and each owner is unique. Let us sit down with you and map out a program to improve the performance of your property. And if you’re in the market, we’ll find that right property for you.

We are here to provide more information for you. We welcome your visit to our location in the middle of growth and real estate action. Or call us at (813) 977-0079.